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Legal-speak has never been my thing, and I've always been a little wary of lawyers in general. Having Robinson & Associates on my side has completely changed my attitude towards seeking legal advice.  They had the patience to explain every step of the proceedings in ways I could easily grasp. I'm now the guy that goes around telling people to get a good lawyer for every little thing!

- Harvey S.

I like to think every person is unique, but even I was surprised at just how exceptional the team over at Robinson & Associates is. From the receptionists to the firm's associates, I could tell that everyone was putting in 110% of their effort towards getting the job done. Amazing.

- Rose C.

Incredible team!!! I would recommend them to everyone. They kept me in the loop at all times and helped me get a settlement I was more than satisfied with. Great work guys!

- Caitlin L.

Working with Robinson & Associates has been a great experience! They were professional and informative at every step of the proceedings as they put in the effort to get me what I was owed. Even though the circumstances of my case were unfortunate, they spared no energy in hunting after everything I deserved in the case. A sure recommendation for those that can't afford to lose.

- Marion B.

After doing extensive shopping around for a lawyer to handle our case, we finally settled on Robinson & Associates and we couldn't be happier with how things worked out for us because while most attorneys will charge clients a relatively standard percentage in fees, the difference becomes clear in the levels of customer service and attention.

- Pansy E.

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At Kendra Robinson and Associates, we understand how scary it can be to face criminal charges , and it is our goal to make you feel as comfortable as possible while we are fighting your case.  

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